The Tedford family has been a part of the Manchester community since the 1880’s.

Our office is in the historic Orange Hall on East Center Street near the intersection with Main Street in the center of town. As an accounting major at the University of Connecticut, we were required to take only one course in taxation for a bachelor’s degree. Many students saw this as just a required class, but the tax code caught my curiosity. I found this class an opportunity to learn more about a topic impacting each of us as individuals as well as businesses. By digging deeper into the tax code, I was able to save my father’s real estate business a significant amount of money for accounting and tax services. Over the years we have helped numerous individuals and small businesses spend less on services and allow them to focus more on their business.

I have been part of a few different not-for-profit boards while also holding a full-time job in municipal finance with different cities and towns. The ability to embrace technology is the key to accounting. This is true for small businesses as well as counties, cities, towns, and school districts. Successful software implementations and integrations are critical to each entity. Without ownership from the top down, organizations are at risk of wasting money with incomplete implementations.

If your municipality needs to revisit any existing software systems, contact us to discuss your situation. We focus on HR, Time & Attendance, Payroll solutions, and Finance systems and integrations.